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“In 39 years of training thoroughbreds this is the only thing I have seen that can accurately detect both pain and pain relief in a horse. I do not like to race any horse in pain and it is often hard to tell with minor injuries. BioTraceIT™’s device removes the guesswork and even lets you follow the animal’s recovery with a simple, inexpensive procedure that anyone can administer in a few minutes.”

Don Combs
Kentucky Derby Winning Trainer

                        PainTrace® Vet

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PainTrace® The only patented devices and technologies for non-invasive and continuous pain monitoring.

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The patented PainTrace® and BioTraceIT™ technology and software application are covered by U.S. Patent and other pending U.S. and International patents.

* Per FDA guidelines in humans this product is For Research Purpose Only.
* Per FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine this product is Not for Human Use.