BioTraceIT™ Shares Pain Measurement Innovation with Global Veterinary Healthcare Community

by Jul 19, 2017Veterinary

BioTraceIT™ Shares Pain Measurement Innovation with Global Veterinary Healthcare Community

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Veterinary

The following is an interview with BioTraceIT™ President Deb Dullen regarding her recent presentation at Vet Health Global 2017 on Prince Edward Island.

BioTraceIT™ recently went to Vet Health Global on Prince Edward Island. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, Animal health is extremely important to BioTraceIT™ and any programs that are around animal wellness that also support communities in need are paramount to our work and what we support. We were happy to attend Vet Health Global.

From an industry perspective, what is Vet Health Global focused on?

It’s a conference that brings leaders from veterinary health together. Like Randolph Seidler, the Global Head of Business Development for Boehringer Ingelheim’s Animal Health division and Clint Lewis, the EVP and President of International Operations at Zoetis. The event focuses on animal wellness and new technologies that promote advances in veterinary health. Those advances, whether diagnostics, treatments, or studies, help us improve treatment and return to wellness for both humans and all species. Ultimately, it’s about getting everybody together in one room to share ideas and to improve healthcare as a whole.

What was the goal for you? In having BioTraceIT™ attend?

Well, there were two purposes for our attendance. First, we were actually invited because our technology was identified as innovative and potentially disruptive to the healthcare community. From a veterinary health perspective, we were deemed a product that supports diagnostics, and potentially optimize the way that we treat our companion animals and improve treatment opportunities so that we are supporting health.


Honestly, the feedback was: “Can we work with you!?” And, that was unanimous! Anybody that we spoke with was very excited about what we were doing…

Deb Dullen President, BioTraceIT™

President Deb Dullen presenting PainTrace Vet

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The second purpose for attending the conference was related to research. We were deemed potentially disruptive technology since we provide clinical research outcomes for quantitative pain measurement which can effectively transform research as we move beyond the current subjective pain measurements applied to research. As a result, it allows the potential to ensure that we can optimize studies. For example, we can decrease the number of patients that are required to show statistical significance which allows for more efficient research with shorter timelines, fewer animals allocated toward research, and additionally the capacity to have outcomes that are truly more meaningful. Because we work in multiple species, cats, dogs, horses, and human, it allows for translational research which makes the transition from early stage animal studies to human studies, to be much more effective and valuable to supporting long-term success and efficiency.

How did the presentation go?

We presented two topics: live video paired with live pain data capture, showing that we measure pain real time in chronic pain patients. We also shared a series of PainTraces for an osteoarthritic patient tracking their pain response pre-drug and post-drug over a twenty-four-hour period. PainTrace compared to the visual analog scale, or self-reported pain, demonstrates the correlation between the PainTrace and the neurological signaling of pain.

Additionally, we also discussed BioTraceIT™’s role in clinical research services where we provide clinical study outcomes, along with custom protocol software that employs speech recognition documenting specific study activities, treatments, and observations. BioTraceIT™ is enthusiastic about the potential of our work to aid the research community and additionally use of PainTrace as a veterinary diagnostic to ensure animal wellness

How was the reception?

Honestly, the feedback was: “Can we work with you!?”! And, that was unanimous! Anybody that we spoke with was very excited about what we were doing and very inquisitive about how we do it, but it was a unanimous level of interest from all parties to incorporate us as a research outcome measurement as well as a veterinary diagnostic.

International Animal Health leaders gather
on Prince Edward Island

That’s great! It must give you motivation to continue developing the product and heading to market…

Well the impact of getting that feedback is exciting, of course, but as members of the company it also supports and justifies our thought process; That what we’re bringing to market is valuable and that it makes a difference. That’s our biggest goal!

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