BioTraceIT™ Featured on Animal Pharm, Agribusiness Intelligence News

by Jul 20, 2017In The News, Veterinary

BioTraceIT™ Featured on Animal Pharm, Agribusiness Intelligence News

by | Jul 20, 2017 | In The News, Veterinary

The following is an excerpt from Sian Lazell of Animal Pharm’s Interview with BioTraceIT™ President, Deb Dullen

“The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based firm has developed PainTrace Vet, a diagnostic system designed to provide pain analysis in animals. Using non-invasive skin sensors, PainTrace Vet measures pain and produces a graph based on collected biosignals to analyze both the degree of pain and where it is located.”

“The three main benefits of PainTrace Vet are its ability to detect pain, quantify pain and track pain, making it suitable for use in both veterinary clinic and research settings. BioTraceIT™ believes the ability to detect pain is crucial for veterinarians, as many animals will often instinctively mask symptoms. In terms of quantifying pain, the company said understanding exactly what degree of pain a patient is in and where it is experiencing pain can aid a vet’s diagnosis and treatment plan.”

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