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Benefits Of PainTrace

Visualizing Pain Can Be Eye Opening

The PainTrace biosignal measures acute and chronic pain.  Color-coding makes it simple.  The software adds color ranging from blue (no pain) to red (severe pain).

Seeing the signal alter during an orthopedic exam or overtime as you track pain gives a visual voice to pain.  We can watch PainTrace live.

Chronic pain is the baseline.  Just like our weight or blood pressure has an individual value… so does our PainTrace.  On good days we are in the blue (positive).  Not so good days maybe mild pain (yellow) or severe pain (red).

Acute pain is represented by the high frequency peaks.  Ever stub your toe?  Ouch!  Sharp shooting pain is evidenced in sharp peaks.  Just like the baseline, blue (positive numbers) denote no pain and increasing wellness, and yellow to orange to red (negative numbers) denote increasing degrees of pain.

PainTrace Pain Monitoring System

Quantifying Pain

Researchers, veterinarians, and healthcare providers have an objective way to measure pain aiding their efforts to better understand treatments, patient responses, and effectiveness of interventions.

Individual Pain

Realizing the nuance of individual pain experienced by patients, and the reaction to treatment, allows for optimization of interventions that lead to improved pain states, healing, and ultimate wellness for the millions affected by pain.

Knowledge is Power

Have the ability to combine pain measurement and connect it with healing and chronic disease states. Decipher cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and many other pain-related results with powerful information systems to potentially transform how we treat and prevent illness. Ultimately we look to maintain wellness.

Multi-Species Pain Signal

PainTrace has been independently proven to effectively quantify pain in canine, equine, bovine, and human patients. Skin-mounted sensors process a direct pain biosignal generated by the nervous system. From prep to clean up in five minutes.

Real-time Acute and Chronic Pain Measurement

Research has demonstrated the capacity of PainTrace® to differentiate between acute and dull pain, and to measure the duration and magnitude of pain.

Tracking Pain Over Time

Proprietary speech-recognition and data analytics software makes BioTraceIT™ and PainTrace® a powerful system. We measure pain, track pain levels, compare demographics, medical history, and outcomes.

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The patented PainTrace® and BioTraceIT™ technology and software application are covered by U.S. Patent and other pending U.S. and International patents.

* Per FDA guidelines in humans this product is For Research Purpose Only.
* Per FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine this product is Not for Human Use.